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About EV India

EVINDIA is proudly upgrading its scope and full form shall be.
Environmental Vehicles (EVINDIA.ORG)

EVIndia is a non-profit "For-Impact" organizational setup...

We are open for any number of voluntary people to join in officially.

We will be growing very very slowly... 

With every step, we will have a lot of experience and clarity which will make the Brand thrive and build the right products. 

No interest in monetary profits but in real-time environmental and public (organizational) profits.

Also this group and Brand have people from multiple EV MNCs so... it's hard to define if we will bring an EV into competition... 

But we will build Frameworks, Research papers, plug-and-play kits, and simulators, and come out with excellent and helpful Insights to help all.

Join the revolution at [email protected]

Founded on: 18th Nov 2019

Propagating the EV Thought in India

Propagating the EV Thought in India
Cost-effective Mobility Solution for Future Generations that has the cleaner environment

Contact: [email protected] 

and to mail all at once in Mailing List: [email protected]

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